Joseph Pilates Method

Joseph Pilates suggested Pilates methods as rehabilitation program during the First World War. According to him, these methods can help to improve mental and physical health of soldiers. He termed these method as a Contrology, as he believed that muscles can be controlled using the mind. These methods raises breathe awareness and alignment of the spine. The strength of the deep torso muscles can be improved using this method. Shortly, this exercise system became popular among athletes, actors, and models to keep them healthy and strong.

The main intention of the Pilates is to produce attention free union of mind and body. In Pilates method, you need to pay attention on your body movements. Experts say that, such attention on body movements can help to overcome your weaknesses and creating a balance between strengths and weaknesses. Breathing, centering, concentration and control are the principles of the Pilates method. These methods sound to be much similar to Yoga.

According to Pilates, proper blood circulation of body could help to carry out the wastes from the body cell. Breathing exercise can improve the oxygen supply to body cells and drain out the wastes. Deep inhalation and exhalation has the important role in the Pilates method. This should be done with great control, precision and concentration. The abdomen, hips, buttocks and lower back are the main building blocks of the body, as these includes large group of muscles. Pilate believed that, all energy should begin from these building blocks and flow towards the extremities of the body. Pilate wants to build a strong powerhouse to carry daily living efficiently. This revolutionary system of mind-body exercise, served the number of benefits. Pilates methods will make over your body looks an feel. It creates the body awareness along with good posture and graceful movements. Pilates stretches and strengthen the body muscles with fewer injuries. Flat abdomen and a strong back is the strong core of healthy body. Pilates exercise helps to build a strong core, by combining the trunk, shoulder and pelvic girdle.

In usual workouts, the weak muscles have a tendency to become weaker and stronger muscles become stronger. This is the main reason to be injured. As Pilates exercise works on each body part, no muscle will suffer being under trained or over trained. This will create the balanced body structure. As Pilates system works on several muscle group in smooth and continuous manner, you will learn efficient pattern of motion. Being safe, Pilates methods are used in Physical therapies to recover the injuries. However, Pilates method is an expensive system. Expensive education, costly equipments and cost of studio are the main reasons behind its high cost. A new trainee needs some personal attention until he has achieved sufficient knowledge of it. Exercises for pregnant women are to be done under the guidance of a well-trained instructor.