Pilates lessons by Lilly Velissariou

Pilates Method combines exercises from ballet with yoga and sports therapy to flatten the abdomen and help you build a sleek, toned appearance. It teaches body awareness, good posture, and easy, graceful movement.

  • Helps balance your body conditioning
  • It creates the body awareness along with good posture and graceful movements.
  • Stretches and strengthen the body muscles with fewer injuries
  • Helps to build a strong core, by combining the trunk, shoulder and pelvic girdle
  • Can help to overcome your weaknesses and creating a balance between strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps heal injured bodies
  • Helps to improve your psychological condition


  • Clinical Pilates at Asklipiion physio.
  • Groups of 2-4 persons in the studio with equipments of Pilates (reformer, cadillac, chair e.t.c.).
  • Personal training at your place.
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