Swan Dive on the Stability Chair

by: Timea Presley

Observe how the student performs cambré back (standing back bend). Notice if the movement begins with elongation of the spine—the spine and pelvis should complete a long fluid arc. Then watch how the student returns to standing. It should be a smooth movement from the bottom of the spine to the top—the pelvis should restack on the hips and ribs and head should center over the pelvis. In Pilates class, practice Swan Dive on the mat, stability chair, Cadillac and reformer. Students need to develop the strength to hold their back in an even supported curve and return to a neutral

Core! Is a strong one?


Maintaining a strong core should be an essential part of everyone’s fitness regime (because it underpins everything you do, particularly
in your lower spine), and every Pilates exercise undertaken requires you to keep that central core engaged, making sure you work your body from the inside out.15390915_1696970660615571_514834351462952415_nPhotos from my class in “Pilates 15” L.V.